Drupal permission page pain

Got a Drupal site with lots of roles and permissions?

Finding that when you call up the massive form at /admin/people/permissions and enable some checkboxes, then submit the form... nothing happens?

It may be your PHP environment has a max_input_vars that is not meeting your needs. Just saying.

A bookmarklet to reduce Reverb.com region rage

Having only recently started buying and selling music gear on Reverb.com, I have been struggling with a... shall we say "feature omission"? When a keyword is typed into the search field, the results are retrieved based on Seller Location of "Anywhere". To filter to a specific country it is necessary to click the "Change" link against Seller Location, then click the dropdown field to display the options, then select the country from the dropdown list (in my case having to scroll waaay down to "United Kingdom").

IOMAX USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA Adapter

This is by way of a product review combined with tech tip for anyone who might get caught out as I was.

I decided to scrap my all-singing, all-dancing PC from Red Submarine as by late 2010 I was no longer using the audio recording aspect and having replaced one of the system drives with a larger device and an XP install, it was running painfully slowly because the motherboard memory was limited to 512Mb.

Drupal.behaviours is undefined - divided by a common language?

Not for the first time I threw together a simple JQuery script to enhance a Drupal site and immediately hit a problem with Drupal.behaviours is undefined.

Many frustrated minutes later, the penny dropped: Drupal.behaviours is most certainly undefined. Drupal.behaviors should work just fine.

Beware the unconscious tendency for we Brits to use en_UK spelling!

iPod Touch iOS4 update problems

A little over a month ago I finally joined the millions of iPod owners by purchasing a 64GB iPod Touch. Between then and now I busied myself in ripping scores of my CDs onto my Mac Mini and thence synching that to the iPod.

Today when I connected the iPod up, iTunes asked me if I would like to install iOS4. OK I thought, why not?

Simple answer: because it might trash the whole thing and waste my evening.