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Drupal - Commercial

April 2016 - April 2018

Full-time employment as lead Drupal developer for the Stroke Association.

  • Taking the lead role in bringing in-house the development and support of their main Drupal website. This entailed managing the handover from the outgoing agency who built it, specifying and building all the new in-house and remotely hosted Linux servers and owning responsibility for all the Drupal development work.
  • Performing key site enhancements including the integration of Drupal Commerce with Worldpay's template form API and with Dotmailer's transactional email send API.
  • Recruiting a junior developer in September 2016 and their replacement in December 2017.
  • Following promotion to lead developer, performing a supervisory role on the project to redevelop mystrokeguide.com in Drupal 7, recruiting two contract developers and later a full-time permanent developer.

February 2015 - March 2016

Full-time employment with Redactive Media working on various Drupal 7 sites:

February 2011 - February 2015

Full-time employment with Interactive Investor:

Project: Extensive enhancement work and maintenance of the Moneywise Drupal 6 website. Work included:

  • Migration of custom views integration from Views 2 to Views 3
  • Ground-up rebuild of site theme
  • Migration of complex site rules from Context 2 to Context 3
  • Integration of comment posting to Facebook and Twitter
  • Re-write of integration with Smart Vision (formerly Emailvision) bulk emailing service
  • Extensive customisation and integration of glossary module
  • Implementation of CDN integration
  • Custom development for complete rebuild of content URL paths
  • Integration of pages with off-site page content into XML sitemap and Apache Solr search indexing
  • Creation of custom plug-in for CKeditor rich text editor
  • Migration of advertising to GPT

Project: Extensive enhancement work and maintenance of the Money Observer Drupal 6 website. Work included:

  • Re-configuring site from multi-site to stand-alone
  • Ground-up rebuild of site theme
  • Development of custom fund search and comparison module
  • Re-write of integration with Interspire bulk emailing software
  • Migration of advertising to GPT

October 2010 - November 2010

Freelancing for Westbrook International:

Project: Maintenance and enhancement work re-organising three separate Drupal sites into one multi-site installation, as well as providing video hosting and multilingual capability.

July 2010 - September 2010

Freelancing for Zone Content:

Project: sole developer on a prototype TV station site rebuild. Coding a custom XML schedule import module and performing all theming.

Some additional development work on the Ideas Economy site for The Economist, covering Brightcove Video integration.

April 2010 - June 2010

Freelancing for Mikamai s.r.l, working with a project manager and a lead developer:

Project: Building a Drupal 6 web site for an Italian fashion house. Coding module enhancements and integration including

  • A custom login/registration process involving Facebook Connect, Email Registration, Persistent Login and Content Profile, all within a Lightbox iframe.
  • Customisation of the Vote-Up-Down voting module
  • Ground-up theming from HTML page mock-ups
  • Various jQuery on-page features

November 2008 - May 2009

Freelancing for Deeson eMedia, working with their lead developer:

Project: a new Drupal 5 site for a UK advocacy consortium (Participation Works):

  • Customising the Drupal user registration process to capture a range of additional profile information via a stand-alone web page and post that back to Drupal
  • Building a custom interface with the SalesForce CRM system to create new users during Drupal registration and keep the two systems in sync.
  • Data conversion of user accounts and legacy content from the old DotNetNuke site to Drupal 5, including data cleansing against SalesForce

April - June 2009

Freelancing for Deeson eMedia, working with their lead developer:

Project: a new Drupal 5 photography site (Photoradar) for a UK publisher, working from a part-functional prototype site:

  • Customising the Sphinxsearch module to enhance the functionality of this high performance search engine
  • Building a custom module to create Drupal page blocks with DoubleClick advertisement images
  • Integration of Drupal Search block and advert blocks into the vBulletin forum software
  • Integration of core functionality from the CDN module with Imagecache to provide content distribution

Contributions To Drupal.Org

Patches and test reports for various Drupal 6 contributed modules, mainly Image - See my tracking page.

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