Articles about music.

The first rule of Record Club is...

A few years ago some mates of mine decided that if their girlfriends / wives were going to form a book club as a regular feature of their social calendar, the guys should do something similar.

The blokey equivalent was obvious, particularly as several of us are music anoraks: a Record club; a long-running membership (give or take a few chaps who've retired due to lack of time or conversely been co-opted in to swell the ranks), who take it in turns to pick 2 or 3 albums a month.

Cubase VST 5 Driver for Quadraverb GT

Some time ago I was wanting to get my Alesis Quadraverb GT back into regular use in my guitar rig. There were a lot of old patches in it and I thought I would need to program a few more.

I remembered the Studio Module feature in Cubase 5 (which I'm still using) and looked around the Web for a driver for a Quadraverb GT. I didn't find one but did turn up something for the original Quadraverb. I thought it would be a straightforward process to tweak its settings for the different Sysex dump layout of the 'GT - well, yes and no.

Dive, Dive, Dive - The Red Submarine Experience

Looking back through some old articles, I came upon this page which I had put together in 2001 to provide for the people at a company then called Red Submarine a run-down of the incredible mess they had made of supplying me with a custom-built, top-of-the-range (at that time!) PC with dual boot facility for both day-to-day use and for recording music.
In light of my more recent experience with the Zinky company (see the blog) it is... interesting to reflect that different companies can behave in equally infuriating ways over a period of several years.