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Drupal.behaviours is undefined - divided by a common language?

Not for the first time I threw together a simple JQuery script to enhance a Drupal site and immediately hit a problem with Drupal.behaviours is undefined.

Many frustrated minutes later, the penny dropped: Drupal.behaviours is most certainly undefined. Drupal.behaviors should work just fine.

Beware the unconscious tendency for we Brits to use en_UK spelling!

Daft oversight having installed AddThis sharing module

Realising I should be more savvy in respect of sites like Facebook, and not just in the sense of actually joining (done, just), I tried out the AddThis module which promised automatically to add suitable buttons on to my content.

And so it did, but when I tested with Firefox 3.6 what happens when a visitor tries to share a node in Facebook before they are logged in, I got a surprise.

Creating a DATETIME View handler for Views2


A couple of years ago I created a Drupal module to instantiate and process a content type for my own calendar of events. The "proper" Event module seemed too complicated (at least for a newbie as I then was) and anyway I wanted some practice at coding a module.

However I did take a look at Events and this is what prompted me to use DATETIME date columns in my schema declarations, because Event uses that datatype. At the time I wasn't aware that Event is about the only contributed module that does use DATETIME.