Part 55: Ship Tomorrow!?

Oh, joy - actual activity! Ship tomorrow! A second email!

Some harsh words about their transformer suppliers there.

But hang on... what about the silver case? Perhaps I should send yet another reminder of what I'm expecting - see part 56.

Part 30: Working On It

Here's the first expression of dissatisfaction with the ill-fated reverb transformer, but why worry? Bruce is working on the amp that very day.

Naively perhaps I took this as an indication that the work could be done in the sort of timescale I'd previously imagined.

So I left it a couple of weeks before wondering how they were getting on - see part 31.

Part 20: Suggestions Of Progress

Finally a specific response about the head case / shell...

Also some good advice about shipping it with the transformers at the bottom. I could believe that their weight would bend the chassis down if it were dropped with them above.

By this point of course I was resigned to paying whatever it took to ship the amp out to Flagstaff AZ but I didn't know what some of the other costs would be - see part 21

Part 17: Ship Ahoy?

Some good suggestions that might help me make progress... and an interesting observation that the chassis metal is really too thin :(

However the end of this email is heading back to the "diagnose it yourself" department which was so unproductive the first time round.

I was sufficiently encouraged to reply the same day with some of my own suggestions for shipping - see part 18.