Part 4: First Response

The response from Bruce (opposite) was helpful and informative, although his description of where the reverb driver tube should be ("near the output transformer") was a bit ambiguous - near the speaker output transformer or the reverb output/send transformer?

By much trial and error I later figured it should be the latter.

Over the next few days I did my best to check Bruce's points as well as I could and then emailed him again - see part 5.

Part 3: First Contact

So on 28 January 2007 I sent off the email on the right to the main support address.

Note the question about the reverb level control add-on. At that stage I couldn't really believe that Bruce Zinky had supplied it!

I also raised some observations about the behaviour of the reverb when the retro-fit level control was not in-circuit.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply the same evening - see part 4.

Part 2: Early problems

Over the next few days in January 2007 I began to notice a problem when using the Superfly: upon turning it on and plugging in, at first everything was fine, but then the reverb would go silent; no crackles, pops, hum - just an absence of reverb.