Part 55: Ship Tomorrow!?

Oh, joy - actual activity! Ship tomorrow! A second email!

Some harsh words about their transformer suppliers there.

But hang on... what about the silver case? Perhaps I should send yet another reminder of what I'm expecting - see part 56.

Part 49: Call 6

So my call at least prompted Bruce physically to take a couple of pictures and get them sent to me (see left).

How much more was done "after lunch" I doubt, but there at least is my amp... in bits, on the bench.

But Nate's attention must have been diverted because another two weeks went by and the "shipping information" that I had been assured of on 3 March did not materialise.

Low on patience I called Bruce again - see part 50.

Part 41: Free Update?

Suddenly the whole task appears more laborious than the early "nearly fixed it" emails implied.

But Bruce is going to try to get it done within a week and there'll be no charge for the update - that's got to be good?

I still haven't got confirmation on the other requirements though, so I had to send yet another email asking the same thing - see part 42.

Part 39: One Step Back?

Has Bruce identified an old problem more precisely, or is there a new problem. Whatever, it means more work, hence the delays.

At least the rest of it works "perfectly" now.

However, no info on the other aspects of the work that I mentioned in my previous email. A reminder is required yet again - see part 40.

Part 36: Basically Done?

Hmm... so everything's done and the new case is ready to install the chassis for shipping back?

I wasn't sure whether everything really had been covered (no pun intended) so I asked for confirmation - see part 37.

Part 34: Not Happy Yet

Well, you can't hurry a perfectionist...

At least that's what I put the delays down to at this stage, so my response was consistently appreciative - see part 35.

Part 32: Sure, Progress

This looked OK, "we should be able to ship it this week, or early next" - wow!

Glad they're able to fit the work in, long may that continue.

I wasted no time in expressing my appreciation - see part 33.

Part 30: Working On It

Here's the first expression of dissatisfaction with the ill-fated reverb transformer, but why worry? Bruce is working on the amp that very day.

Naively perhaps I took this as an indication that the work could be done in the sort of timescale I'd previously imagined.

So I left it a couple of weeks before wondering how they were getting on - see part 31.

Part 28: Arrived Safely

Within a week - some good news. My amp had arrived safely and Bruce "recognised" it - at least by reputation.

The date was 29 April 2008 and Bruce could finally get his hands on it and do the work that we'd been discussing - in effect - for a year and three months.

I had one or two questions that I thought Bruce could answer now the amp was with him so I fired them off - see part 29.