Zinky Superfly blog - Part 32: Sure, Progress

This looked OK, "we should be able to ship it this week, or early next" - wow!

Glad they're able to fit the work in, long may that continue.

I wasted no time in expressing my appreciation - see part 33.

From: zinky@zinky.com
Subject: Re: Superfly chassis shipped
Date: 21 May 2008 01:09:35 BST
To: david@dave.st

Hello David;

I should be able to finish your Superfly this week. We've got most of it done, just fitting the work in between regular production.
All updates, improved reverb, more clean headroom.

This one had the reverb fail, then the reverb transformer was replaced. Not by US, mind you, but by Adrian at Orange(!). He's a friend of ours. He had a creative solution to mounting it. Not where we would have put it, but it fits nicely, and won't come loose, so we'll allow it. None of the other updates were performed when the Reverb transformer was replaced, so, it did need some attention. But not to worry- We should be able to ship it this week, or early next.