Part 76: Oh Me Of Little Faith

Despite my doubts that I'd ever see them, a replacement set of shiny, straight mounting screws turned up in the post this morning. I guess if I ever have cause to take the chassis out of the case again I could use them to reassemble it.

Anyway, seems like a polite thank-you to Bruce is in order.

Part 69: It Was Bound To Happen

On the evening of 9 February, the delivery was made - a day earlier than expected but I wasn't able to unpack it until a day later anyway. So the following evening I set up my camera to record the moment for posterity and opened it up.

One of the first things I noticed was that the reverb pan that I'd sent out was missing. Oh well, I had another one (see as far back as part 12).

With the packaging removed and taking a closer look, the next thing I could see was that the chassis was damaged. Oh great.

Part 68: A Word From The BBB

On 8 February I received an email from the Arizona BBB with a link to their case tracking system. This took me to a message which confirmed that they had been in contact with Zinky (relevant details on the right). Before the fateful email from Bruce? I'd like to think so.

Then the next day my previous email to the BBB (letting them know that some action had occurred) was acknowledged, with the expected request that I keep them informed as to actual delivery. So it's good to know that they took my complaint seriously.

Part 67: Can It Be True?!

Be still my beating heart! Is my amp now in the capable hands of FedEx? Has Bruce had a communiqué from the BBB that was more trouble to ignore than to act on?

Well the tracking number is real enough. Projected delivery date is 10 February.

Part 58: Get It On The Way?

Ah, more apologies but no explanation where the last month went to.

Oh, and no mention of the silver case that should be housing the amp instead of my home-made shipping board.

Time for yet another reminder before Bruce ships me just the chassis. I wonder if that will stop him in his tracks as on previous occasions - see part 59.

Part 56: Just Checking

So, nothing complicated, just a reminder of what I'm expecting and an offer still to pay the agreed price for the silver case as well as the power valves.

That can't present a problem after all this time and discussion surely?

Well as suddenly as Bruce appeared to be focused on the amp again, he dropped it - see part 57.

Part 55: Ship Tomorrow!?

Oh, joy - actual activity! Ship tomorrow! A second email!

Some harsh words about their transformer suppliers there.

But hang on... what about the silver case? Perhaps I should send yet another reminder of what I'm expecting - see part 56.

Part 36: Basically Done?

Hmm... so everything's done and the new case is ready to install the chassis for shipping back?

I wasn't sure whether everything really had been covered (no pun intended) so I asked for confirmation - see part 37.

Part 32: Sure, Progress

This looked OK, "we should be able to ship it this week, or early next" - wow!

Glad they're able to fit the work in, long may that continue.

I wasted no time in expressing my appreciation - see part 33.