Zinky Superfly blog - Part 56: Just Checking

So, nothing complicated, just a reminder of what I'm expecting and an offer still to pay the agreed price for the silver case as well as the power valves.

That can't present a problem after all this time and discussion surely?

Well as suddenly as Bruce appeared to be focused on the amp again, he dropped it - see part 57.

From: david@dave.st
Subject: Shipping the Superfly amp.
Date: 17 September 2009 17:39:47 BST
To: info@zinky.com

Hi Bruce,

That's a pleasant surprise to hear you've done the work.

First up then, my address is:

[my home address]

Second up, please include the reverb pan I shipped out with it. Also I hope you will be shipping the new power tubes and silver-covered case as discussed at some length in February of this year. I am still willing to pay the agreed amounts for the latter two items.