Zinky Superfly blog - Part 68: A Word From The BBB

On 8 February I received an email from the Arizona BBB with a link to their case tracking system. This took me to a message which confirmed that they had been in contact with Zinky (relevant details on the right). Before the fateful email from Bruce? I'd like to think so.

Then the next day my previous email to the BBB (letting them know that some action had occurred) was acknowledged, with the expected request that I keep them informed as to actual delivery. So it's good to know that they took my complaint seriously.

On 8 February I was also contacted by FedEx UK concerning the likely customs queries about my inbound shipment. I explained that I really had sent the amp off for repairs nearly two years ago and was able to send them a copy of the outward shipping receipt. Hearing nothing more I rightly assumed that was adequate.

So then, what would be arriving soon on my doorstep? A fully-working amp? Read on in part 69... if you have the strength.

Better Business Bureau
4428 N. 12th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85014-4585
602-264-1721 | 602-263-0997

Thank you for contacting BBB and allowing us the opportunity to assist you with resolving this matter. Your case number is: 8095794; please make a note of this number for future reference.
Your experience has been forwarded to the company so the issues you have presented can be reviewed and the company may respond.
You will be contacted within 30 days if a response is not received from the company.