Part 75: Please Do Close The Case!

While it seems appropriate to have the BBB close the case, I couldn't just sign it off without some commentary on Mr Zinky's claims, so the pro-forma reply was less pro-forma.

And yet even after all this, there is more to relate in part 76!

Part 74: BBB Back In The Loop

Well, waddya know? A couple of days after their previous message, word comes that B Zinky has finally responded.

Picking out the key points (opposite):

Part 73: BBB Bows Out?

On 19 February I exchanged emails with the BBB to the effect that:

  • They informed me that BZ had not replied to their original communication.
  • I informed them I had sorted the amp out enough not to consider claiming for the damage.

After another period of BZ still not responding to my last email, on 1 March I received from the BBB the message opposite. Well, I guess having told them of some progress, there's only so much they will do in the face of determined avoidance by the company.

So as far as the BBB goes, case closed.

Part 68: A Word From The BBB

On 8 February I received an email from the Arizona BBB with a link to their case tracking system. This took me to a message which confirmed that they had been in contact with Zinky (relevant details on the right). Before the fateful email from Bruce? I'd like to think so.

Then the next day my previous email to the BBB (letting them know that some action had occurred) was acknowledged, with the expected request that I keep them informed as to actual delivery. So it's good to know that they took my complaint seriously.

Part 67: Can It Be True?!

Be still my beating heart! Is my amp now in the capable hands of FedEx? Has Bruce had a communiqué from the BBB that was more trouble to ignore than to act on?

Well the tracking number is real enough. Projected delivery date is 10 February.

Part 66: Taking It To The BBB

Receiving no communications from Bruce, on 4 February 2010 I decided to try the Better Business Bureau covering Flagstaff, AZ.

Filing a complaint on-line was not overly complicated, the toughest aspect being the condensing of the whole miserable tale into less than 2030 characters of text.

I received a pro-forma confirmation email straight away, and waited to see what happened... for a surprisingly rapid development, see part 67!