Zinky Superfly blog - Part 73: BBB Bows Out?

On 19 February I exchanged emails with the BBB to the effect that:

  • They informed me that BZ had not replied to their original communication.
  • I informed them I had sorted the amp out enough not to consider claiming for the damage.

After another period of BZ still not responding to my last email, on 1 March I received from the BBB the message opposite. Well, I guess having told them of some progress, there's only so much they will do in the face of determined avoidance by the company.

So as far as the BBB goes, case closed.

I have yet to try the amp at rehearsal / gigging volume, so for me the conclusion is not yet reached.

But wait... there's more in part 74!

In regards to your correspondence concerning Zinky Electronics, your position was communicated to the company. We regret to inform you that BBB was unsuccessful in obtaining a response from the company.
When a business does not respond to a dispute, its report with BBB is updated to reflect an unanswered dispute which has an adverse affect on its BBB rating. If the company has contacted you, please let us know so that our files may be updated. If not, we regret that BBB can be of no further assistance.
We appreciate you taking the time to contact BBB and thank you for including us in your efforts to resolve your complaint. Please be assured that your complaint will remain in BBB’s file for this company for three years, and may be referred to if a pattern of similar practices emerges.
Samantha Marquis
Your Better Business Bureau