Zinky Superfly blog - Part 74: BBB Back In The Loop

Well, waddya know? A couple of days after their previous message, word comes that B Zinky has finally responded.

Picking out the key points (opposite):

  • Am I one of the "actual customers" he refers to, because he wasn't very busy on my amp very often?
  • Has Bruce sent me some extra mounting screws? I sure haven't received anything yet.
  • Did I get my amp back before Bruce heard from the BBB? I only got an email from him with a tracking number after I filed the complaint.
  • Was my $1,000 bounty offer really a ploy for - I can't type this with a straight face - fast service, when he'd already had my amp for over a year!
  • Who is this genius who could have fixed my amp in the UK when Bruce specifically told me there was no-one qualified?

The BBB want to know if I'll accept that reply... this calls for a measured response in part 75.



[...]I am very busy taking care of actual customers and cannot waste time on nonsense such as this.

Anyway, David Jackson got his amplifier back to him @ no charge via Fed Ex BEFORE I received your first letter. He then whined about the mounting screws, and again I sent him extra replacement screws @ no charge.

I had told Mr Jackson that I wouldn't charge him for the updates and service on his amplifier. Because this amplifier is not a current product, and because we are not set up to manufacture this product, the work took quite some time. He had offered $1000 dollars for fast service, we were not interested in the money. Still, I covered the substantial cost in shipping the unit back to the UK (He could have found someone there to do the work, he did not).

Anyway, I expect to never have to deal with him or you again.

Thank you. Have a day.

B Zinky, Zinky Electronics