Zinky Superfly blog - Part 75: Please Do Close The Case!

While it seems appropriate to have the BBB close the case, I couldn't just sign it off without some commentary on Mr Zinky's claims, so the pro-forma reply was less pro-forma.

And yet even after all this, there is more to relate in part 76!

Better Business Bureau:

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 8095794.

It manages to be both insulting in tone and misleading in fact:

- I had no communication from Mr Zinky that he had sent me extra screws to replace the ones that were damaged in transit and I have not received anything so far.

- Mr Zinky's claim that the work took "some time" because the amp is not a current product is obscuring the fact that it took nearly two years and that the Superfly model is still being advertised both on the Zinky web site and on UK web sites.

- Mr Zinky's inference that I offered a $1,000 bounty for "fast service" is obscuring the fact that by the time I made the offer, my amplifier had been in his workshop for over a year.

- Perhaps most significantly, Mr Zinky's last claim that I could have got someone in the UK to do the repair and upgrade work on the amp is in direct contradiction to his written statement in an email of 14 March 2007 that "I don't know anyone in the UK with the ability who has the time." I would not have shipped the amp all the way to the USA if he could have nominated someone in any part of the UK.

However, as communicated in my recent emails to you, I have been able to confirm that the amp is, on the face of it, useable and after two years I am as tired of dealing with Mr Zinky as he evidently is of standing by his "lifetime warranty", so I agree to this case being closed.

David Jackson