Zinky Superfly blog - Part 51: Food For Thought


Before sending this email I checked the Zinky web site customer service page - it was blank (see picture on left and just for fun, try clicking the link in the email text!).

I also did a web search to see if anyone was offering a Superfly for sale, and I got lucky: there on the well-known CraigsList site was an ad which sang the amp's praises and made much of the Lifetime Warranty provided by Zinky.

For example:

It's truly a work of art and has a lifetime warranty, because Bruce warranties his amps for life.

and the "last paragraph" I referred to in my email:

When you purchase this amp, you have the peace of mind that it was built with outstanding quality; and if you do ever experience problems with it, the man who designed, engineered and built it himself will fix it for your FOR FREE!!! How many amp manufacturers will do that for you?! In an e-mail from Bruce, he wrote "There is nothing in the amp you can break that I can't fix." Ahh, now THAT's music to my ears! Bruce Zinky will also perform custom upgrades upon request. Again, I strongly encourage you to read the reviews of this amp at Harmony-Central.

Built with outstanding quality? Not in certain respects that Bruce himself disclosed to me.

Nothing that Bruce can't fix (advertisers bold type)? Given enough time, maybe... at this point he's had my amp for over a year.

So I thought it relevant to include links to all of the above in my email.

It came as no surprise that I received no response from Bruce Zinky.

At this point I was running out of ideas. Bruce clearly was too busy "keeping the lights on" to spend time on my amp, and - as I thought to mention in my email - seemed to place no value on his reputation as a man who sticks by a Lifetime Warranty.

I started to consider the benefits of getting some legal advice, preferably from a firm based as near to the Zinky hometown as possible. I made some enquiries, then had a contrasting idea - see part 52.

From: david@dave.st
Subject: Re: Superfly
Date: 17 May 2009 23:15:29 BST
To: zinky@zinky.com

A few links to consider




and finally:

[URL for austin.craigslist.org listing 1150924407]

...the last paragraph is very reassuring. Do let me know if for some reason the page is not on-line any more, I've saved a copy.

The Superfly amplifier that I shipped to you on April 14 2008 remains my property, which I have been unable to use now for over a year. I have
not asked you to carry out any work on it other than what was previously
agreed by email before I shipped it. Any suggestions of you waiving the
return shipping and upgrade costs have been yours alone, as per your
emails of October 27 2008 and February 5 2009.

It is now two months since you emailed me the two pictures of the amp on
your workbench and over a month since my last telephone call on March
31st. I would be curious to know whether you or Nate have actually touched my amp since the latter date?

David Jackson