Zinky Superfly blog - Part 71: First Test

I hooked the amp up to the original speakers and reverb pan in the original case and turned on the video camera and the Superfly, in that order.

After giving it time to warm up, I plugged a guitar in and took it off Standby.

In short, it worked pretty much as I distantly remembered it, including the reverb. Hooray. Now all I have to do is get hold of some new mounting screws and figure out how to bend the chassis back without causing more damage.

Progress on that front is described in part 72.

Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 20:26:30 +0000
From: David Jackson
To: Zinky Electronics
Subject: Re: Superfly is damaged

I've powered it up and played it, as there wouldn't have been any point trying to straighten the chassis if it wasn't working to begin with. It seems OK.

There were no extra screws in the packaging. Nor was there the reverb pan that I sent you with the amp. I'm not particularly worried about the reverb pan as I bought a second one some time ago. However 6-32 screws of that length don't appear to be available in the UK, going by a 30 minute search on the 'net. Up to 2 inches, yes... over that, no. I would appreciate it if you could send me another set, otherwise I don't know where I'm going to get some from and wouldn't want to try fitting the bent ones?