Zinky Superfly blog - Part 44: Call 2

I wasn't exactly overjoyed that "Nate" had not found the time to get the case re-covered in the intervening month since Bruce had assured me he'd be tackling it next day.

But at least there was something of a revised plan shaping up. Or so I thought...

Nearly five weeks later I've heard nothing more, so it's time for another call - see part 45.

Telephone call on 2 January 2009

  • The silver case had not been re-covered yet
  • Bruce would make a real effort to finish the electrics over the weekend of 3/4 January
  • The case could be sent out to be re-covered and should be done by the week ending 11 January
  • Due to a trade show in the week beginning 12 January, the work to finish off the amp would be done in the week beginning 19 January