Zinky Superfly blog - Part 77: The Amp In Use

Well, some months down the line, you may if you've read this far, be wondering if it was all worth it? Does the amp work OK now?

Short answer: Yes. There may be a little more of a background hum out of the speakers when it is switched from Stand By to Operate than it produced before all the problems started, but I can't be sure. Anyway once it's cranked up the hum is not noticeable as it doesn't change with the volume settings.

Around the time I got it back I bought a Mexican Fender Strat and the single coil pickups come through so well. There is so much clear top-end. Ironically bearing in mind that it was the reverb that I initially had a problem with, I still can't get on with the Superfly's reverb sound even after the repair and $100 upgrade and so - gasp - I use a setting on my TC G-Major II that's in the effect loop.

I can only hope that the amp holds up over the years and doesn't let me down.